Halloween Feature: Zombie Wigs


Wonderland Wigs Take On The Spooky Zombie Look This Halloween

Come and take a look at our thrilling and chilling array of Zombie Wigs. In the 19th Century zombies were well know figures highlighted as a main part of Halloween and nothing’s changed. We now have a modern take on zombies thanks to computer games, horror movies and of course not forgetting the demons that took part in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. The horror that zombies portray make them ideal for the Halloween period and in the past few years we have seen them becoming more and more popular. We have a wide range of wigs that will help you transform into that dreaded zombie for the night, whilst making sure you absolutely stand out with a high quality wig. So let me talk you through a few options if you think your brave enough!



Our Take On Zombie Wigs…


Our Cat Wig is a gorgeous blonde and dark red modern shoulder length bob wig. This fantastic colour mix is a stunning take on the reverse ombre dip dye trend. This wig is super sleek and will make you look super sophisticated even though you are meant to be a zombie! With gorgeous dark red dip dye ends this wig is ideal for a zombie as they key colour that you think of is red when dressing up as a zombie. If you love our cat wig as much as we do you can click here to purchase it just in time for Halloween.



I believe our Maddie wig is the best option when choosing a wig to complete your zombie costume this Halloween. This zombie wig is ideal with its beautiful long curls and waves that give a overall stunning bounce and fullness. This wig has a modern blunt cut fringe that keeps it edgy and give you that little something making you look fab even though you are a zombie. By clicking here you are guaranteed to spook anyone this Halloween.



Our Keyley wig is the perfect option to complete your zombie bride look this Halloween. This gorgeous long light pink and silver wig has beautiful and subtle black lowlights. The luxurious eye length fringe is perfect as it creates maximum impact giving a super edgy look. With a mixture of flicks and long layers this wig falls effortlessly and frames the face perfectly, complimenting your natural features. By clicking here you are sure to win the best dressed at any Halloween Party you go to.



By slipping on our Butterfly wig you are sure to make an impact on any Halloween gathering you go to. This gorgeous bright red wig is a stunning and striking cherry red shade. With a gorgeous eye length fringe this wig looks natural. With long layers that fall perfectly, this wig has lots of flicks and making it ideal for Halloween. This wig is a fabulous option for a killer Zombie. Click here if you want to look super spooky in out butterfly wig.



Our Nina wig is a stunning auburn red dip dye wig, this wig is a brilliant option to complete your Zombie outfit the Halloween. This is the perfect wig to complete your zombie look as it has gorgeous burnt red ends that tie in with that bloody look your after. This beautiful straight wig is so unique you are sure to make a impact at any Halloween party you are going to. You will look bang on trend with this wig as its made of two main fashion colours. This wig also has a gorgeous eye length fringe. If you want to be the envy of all your friends and win first place this Halloween then just click here. It couldn’t be easier!

zombie costume

Hair Flairs or Directions Hair Dye

If you’re just not feeling a wig is for you this Halloween, but still want to be bold and stand out from the crowd then hair dye/colour rub is the path for you. To add bold colours of just subtle tints for Halloween couldn’t be easier.  What is more, we are offering 10% Off when you quote ZOMBIE at the check out!


zombie costume


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