Wonderland Wigs wins Outstanding Customer Service Award

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Wonderland Wigs wins Outstanding Customer Service Award

We were delighted to receive a letter in the post this morning from Independent customer service awards body ‘The Wow Awards’.

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The award was based on a customer nomination for service which she recieved in May 2012. The customer nominated us saying (in reference to an email coversation with Sam) “Her email was so lovely, and thoughtful, I just couldn’t believe she had gone the extra mile for me.” It was also acknowledged that emails from Wonderland Wigs were quick in response, simple, straightforward, kind and personal.

In the nomination it also said ‘It makes such a HUGE difference to buy something online and recieve such good customer service’.

Customer service has always a been one of our top priorities, as you will see on our About Us page, so it really is a great honour to be recognised and win an award for it, as it clearly demonstrates that it is important to us and we are sticking to our ‘promises’ which we made when Wonderland Wigs was originally set up. What makes this award even more special to us is that this is an award that was nominated for out of the blue by our customers, who think we are doing a great job!

Big smiles all round today at Wonderland HQ!

If you want to know more about the ‘WOW Awards’, then visit their website by clicking here.

Sam x

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