Halloween In The Spotlight: Wigs For Witches


Wigs For Witches…

Witches are the first thing that come to mind when thinking about Halloween. We all know that wicked witch costumes are a crucial part of the Halloween season. When else than at Halloween do you get to don a long black wig and pointy hat?! You’re going to need one of our fabulous wigs to transform yourself into one of the most iconic characters of Halloween, because although you might want to look like a witch for Halloween, I am sure you want to look like a ‘super hot hair fantastic’ witch!! Here at Wonderland Wigs we have a fabulous range of good quality wigs to match your needs from the traditional to the extreme.

We want you to look your very best this Halloween and we’ve thought long and hard on which wigs will help create an ultra glamorous and super sexy witchy look this Halloween. So I have come up with our top 10 wigs that will make you the envy of everyone at the party. I have also given you some witchy inspiration with our 3/4 wigs and instant weaves that will make you looking stunning and elegant whilst dressed up this Halloween…


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Wonderland Wigs For Witches…

Witch wig?!


Our Rhiannon wig is an extra long black wig with a luxurious and trendy straight cut fringe. This wig is the perfect traditional look for any witch this Halloween, however this jet black wig is super stylish and very edgy so you won’t blend in with the crowd. The tips of the wig have been razor cut to create a truly natural finish that just oozes quality. Just click here to buy this gorgeous long black wig to complete your ‘witch look’.



If you’re after a different look this Halloween to complete your witch outfit then look no further than our Paris Wig. This stunning long purple wig will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd. With the long length and stunning dark plum colour, it is perfect for a ‘alt’ look on you more traditional witch outfit. This gorgeous wig has a straight cut fringe that gives it an edge. So if you’re feeling brave and daring this Halloween opt for our Paris Wig by just clicking here.



This is a perfect alternative witch look to make you stand out from the crowd at any Halloween party you’re going to. This beautiful bright green wig has a stunning and fashionable eye length fringe for maximum impact. When you think of witches you think of green, so this is the perfect witchy shade. This long straight wig will be ideal to complete your witch costume. So click here to order now just in time for Halloween.



This stunning extra long wig has a fabulous eye length fringe. With its beautiful mixture of curls and waves this wig is full bodied and perfect for creating that witchy look this Halloween. These lovely bouncy curls fall perfectly around the face complementing your natural features. We love this rich glossy black wig so much at Halloween and it is one of our best sellers around the Halloween period. So order yours now and beat the crowd by clicking here.



This gorgeous ombre wig is perfect for those who want to look flawless this Halloween. This wig is a fabulous traditional approach to a witchy themed costume. At the crown of this wig we have used a gorgeous dark brown blending into a stunning golden blonde. We have opted for a long layered choppy style to achieve the most natural look possible. This stunning wig has a lovely center parting this finishes it of making it look and feel very luxurious. Just click here to achieve this perfect wig that will be fab to complete your witch outfit this Halloween.



Our beautiful Chantell wig is the perfect option for anyone that is dressing up as a witch this Halloween. With simple, but elegant curls and a gorgeous side sweep fringe you will look stunning. This wig has lots of added volume and bounce. Our Chantell wig is a gorgeous deep glossy black. Just click here to buy this wig to complete you Halloween look.



This wig is a perfect option to complete your witch inspired outfit this Halloween. This long luxurious wig is crimped to perfection. With a stunning eye length fringe this wig has ‘that little something’ extra to make you look beautiful this Halloween even if you are dressed up as a wicked witch!  Just click here to buy this gorgeous wig.



Our stunning Mollie Dip Dye wig is a very trendy up to date look for anyone that wants to look extra special this Halloween. This gorgeous wig gives you the fashionable dip dye look without all of the hassle and actually having to comit to the drastic colour. This wig is a modern reverse ombre shade that has a center parting. In a super sleek straight style this wig is perfect for Halloween. You’re sure to make an impact with this wig just click here and order in time for Halloween.



Our stunning Whitney wig is the perfect wig to create a witch look this Halloween. As this wig incorporates black and green it’s ideal, as these are the two most common colours you associate with a witch. This gorgeous mid – long length wig has a beautiful side sweep eye length fringe for maximum impact. This wig has many layers and flicks giving it a full body look and a luxurious feel. With lots of layers that frame the face perfectly this wig looks amazingly real and flatters your natural features. Whitney has striking bright green highlights that really give that witchy feel. So click here to buy this stunning creation just in time for Halloween.



We love love love our Shelby wig and think that is a super stylish and sexy look to complete your witch outfit for this Halloween. With gorgeous curls that fall naturally this wig has lots of volume and movement making it look very realistic. This wig is made up of gorgeous tight curls as well as loose waves giving overall a lovely natural bounce.  This wig is made up of a gorgeous black and bright purple blend so its a fantastic funky colour to create a witch inspired look. Click here if you want to be the envy of all your friends in our Shelby wig.


So I hope you have found a wig to complete your witch outfit this Halloween but if not don’t worry we have lots lots more on our website. Just come take a sneak peek at wonderland wigs.


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