Victoria Beckham wears a wig

BW Colours Hot Toffee (dark brown) 4

Victoria Beckham wears a wig, half wig in April 2012

Fashion superstar and A-lister, Victoria Beckham tweeted a picture of her dark brown 3/4 wig hung up on a cuddly bunny. Showing that she too is partial to a 3/4 wig or half wig.

Half wigs (also known as 3/4 wigs) are absolutely amazing, they add instant volume and length to your hair, whilst looking incredibly natural. They leave the front quarter of your hair (your hairline) exposed, so they really blend and no one would ever know. Plus they are far far better for your hair than wearing bonded extensions. So it is no surprise to us that the uber glam Victoria Beckham wears a wig.

Half wigs and 3/4 wigs are incredibly popular with celebs, with the likes of Katie Price and Amy Childs regularly wearing them. So next time you see a celeb with fantastic hair, you may now have a good idea why, and next time a friend asks ‘Does Victoria Beckham wear a wig?’, you can enlighten them with the answer.

Victoria Beckham Wig…

victoria beckham wearing a wig












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Are you surprised that Victoria Beckham wears a wig? or a 3/4 wig?

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