Transgender & T girls Wigs By Wonderland Wigs

Transgender & T girls Wigs

Here are a few style tips to keep in mind because if you want to transform your style we would like to provide the information for you to make an informed choice. For example, shorter wigs are easier to manage and maintain. Shoulder length hair is universally flattering for all ages and face types and as a result is very popular. Switch between different hair styles when you want because you dont need to wait for your hair to grow to take that step to femininity. For example we design wigs for comfort and fashion and therefore our Wonderland wigs have an internal mesh cap which is designed to stretch slightly to fit most heads sizes. You may secure it or make it tighter by looping the two clasps, therefore making our wigs easy and comfortable to wear because of the thought and design which goes into every one of our products. Our wigs are manufactured from 100% kanekalon because this fibre is a high quality synthetic hair, which makes it soft, silky and in conclusion looks and feels like real hair.

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