Top Tips for looking after your hair this Winter to avoid ‘Winter Hair Syndrome’…

We love the snow, but how do you stop Winter Hair?

According to the Met Office, we are set to have one of the coldest Winters ever recorded, with record snow due to fall across the country, so ¬†you need to look after your hair to avoid what we have decided to name ‘Winter Hair Syndrome’!

Winter hair syndrome is basically dry, frizzy, out of condition winter hair which we all hate. Winter hair is easily avoided if you follow our top tips for looking after your hair in the winter.

Top tips for avoiding Winter Hair :

1. Avoid burning the candle at both ends. Healthy hair is dependent on you having a good/balanced diet, and a balanced lifestyle. Both are tricky at this time of year with lots of mince pies floating about and parties galore, but if you try to maintain some balance your hair will feel the benefit.

2. Treat your hair to a hair masque. Hair masques are fantastic for giving your hair a lovely shine and conditioning your hair to avoid frizz. We recommend this Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Masque.

macadamia hair masque

3. If your hair gets a bit dry, you could try using oils such as Moroccanoil or Olive Oil, which are fantastic for re-injecting the moisture back into your hair.

4. Try to only uses heated hair appliances, such as straighteners and hair dryers when you really need to. They dry your hair out so fast, limiting their use will really help you avoid Winter Hair. Also when you do use them it may be worth using a good leave in conditioner.

5. Using good quality hair products will also help you avoid Winter Hair Syndrome (!), preferably products that contain alcohol as they tend to dry your hair out more.

6. In snowy and rainy weather – keep your hair covered this will help reduce the frizz factor.

Have a great Winter and make sure you share this article to help your friends with their fight against Winter Hair!


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