Top Hair Trends For 2013

The Top Hair Trends For 2013.. . What do you think?

We all love to be bang on trend and when it comes to our hair that’s no different. Hair trends are always changing. From the 80’s crimping to the 90’s “The Rachel” – Jennifer Aniston and now the 2000’s where anything and everything goes. We have seen a few strong trends – Victoria Beckham’s “pob” in 2007 and Rihanna’s curly red hair in 2010.

So we have wigs that are exact matches of these gorgeous well known styles and we love how they are so well known. Just click on the pictures to be taken to these gorgeous hairpieces.

So What Are The Top Hair Trends For 2013?

In 2013 it’s been all about Dip Dye/ Ombre hair. Many of you still may not know the difference between these two gorgeous styles. If not don’t worry ladies ill explain now.

Dip Dye

Is literary what it says it’s when the hair looks like it has just been dipped in hair dye. This is a more block colour and it’s usually a more adventurous colour like pink, blue etc…



Is a gradual change in hair colour were the hair is dyed further up the head to make it look more natural and make sure the colour blends together well.


Gorgeous Ponytails

We love ponytails at Wonderland Wigs. Take a look at our top picks to be bang on trend this winter. For stylish quick hair in a instant use our ponytail hairpieces.

Wrap around Ponytail

hair tends

Straight Ponytail

Party Ponytails

Dark Red Flicked Ponytail

Hair pieces

Hair Up

We love hair up at Wonderland Wigs and we love that its a hot trend for winter 2013. The most important part of hair up is the foundation if your hair is not prepped well, for example not set on heated rollers that it will be hard to create big volume and is more likely to become loose throughout the night.

We love our big tousled hairpiece. This gorgeous hairpiece is made for creating ultra glam hair in a instant and is a fuss free option for people that are in a rush. Just slip this stunning piece on and create endless styles.


Party Hairpieces

Ombre lives on

Yes Ombre hair does live on and at Wonderland Wigs we can’t see it going anywhere for a while. This gorgeous hairstyle adds instant glamour to anyone. We have a range of wigs, 3/4 wigs and even hair extensions to create this must have look for 2013. Be sure to wow your friends and family this Christmas period with our gorgeous hair pieces.

Ombre Hair

jodie sara

We hope this keeps you up to date with the latest hair trends and how to create them without products in an affordable and fuss free way. Take a look at our social media sights for more inspiration on fashion trends.





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There’s no such thing as a bad hair day when you shop at Wonderland Wigs.


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