This Summer Red Hair Is Red Hot!

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Red Hair Rocks…

As we move in to the Summer of 2011, there is a stunning new hair trend emerging – this is the Summer of the Red Head! Goodbye Blonde, and Hello Red, as celebs and fashionistas swap their Blonde locks for gorgeous Red tresses.

With A-listers including Rihanna and Scarlett Johansson setting the world on fire with stunning red locks it is no wonder that the rest of the female population is following suit!

Red has never been a mainstream hair colour, those born with naturally red or ginger hair have often seen it as a curse. Last year, The Times Newspaper even reported a 12 year old girl was withdrawn from school after death threats were made due to her having ginger hair. This year however, Red Hair has been popularised by a host of celebrities and fashion icons across the globe and the world is now experiencing a ‘Red Hair Revolution’.

The latest celebrities to show off their newly dyed red locks include Christina Hendricks, Hayley Williams, and Blake Lively. Natural red heads are also setting the red carpets ablaze, with the likes of Isla Fisher, catching the eye of many fashion and beauty critics for all the right reasons at this year’s Golden Globe awards.

Dyed red hair is one of the most difficult hair colours to maintain as it fades so fast. So, many people are turning to Wigs as an alternative to achieve this instant look. Samantha Mcclements, owner of Wonderland Wigs says “We are seeing a huge boom in the sales of our red wigs this summer, from long to short, curly and straight they are by far outselling any other colour. We have designed another 6 new red wigs which will be launched on our website over the next few weeks to meet the demand for red”.

“Our customers are really embracing this Summers red hair trend, but without making the commitment of changing their own hair colour. A wig is an instant and affordable alternative and no one will ever know that you are faking it, as they look so real”.

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