Storm X Men Wig

Natalie - Straight black mid-length wig

Looking for a ‘Storm Xmen Wig’…

Want to achieve the gorgeous storm from x men costume this Halloween? Then you’re going to need one of our wigs! We love Halloween at Wonderland Wigs and if you don’t usually feel comfortable wearing bold ‘out there‘ wigs on an everyday basis then this is the perfect reason for you to slip on one of ours at Halloween and become the powerful Storm super hero for the night with a Storm Xmen Wig.

So who is Storm?

Storm is an extremely powerful Xmen character and usually takes control whenever she enters a room. She oozes confidence and you can too with one of our wigs (cheesy we know!).

One of our awesome customers dressed up as Storm with wearing our long grey curly Maddie Wig and sent us a pic… pretty amazing don’t you think?!



Here’s some more of our favourite Storm Xmen Wigs for additional inspiration…

Kate – Platinum silver long grey straight wig.

This beautiful long grey wig has a fashionable eye length fringe, and is an amazing platinum silver grey shade. The neat straight look to this long grey wig combined with the fashionable fringe and gorgeous grey colour will make you look super sophisticated but also just like this awesome Xmen hottie.


FiFi – Extra long white wig with fringe

This stunning long white wig has a trendy blunt cut fringe and is razor cut at the bottom to give it a natural finish. It is a striking bright white wig, perfect as an alternative Storm Xmen wig.


Maddie – Long curly grey wig

As seen on one of our customers above, this beautiful long curly grey wig, is a truly stunning wig to add to any collection. It has a mixture of gorgeous curls and waves which give it stunning bounce and volume. With a modern blunt cut fringe, Maddie is a stunning curly grey wig and our most popular wig for recreating Storm.


Keyley – Light pink and silver wig with black highlights

This luxurious long wig has a lovely eye length fringe, and a beautiful mixture of flicks and layers giving it a lovely flowing yet textured look. It is a mixture of light silvery pink with very subtle black low-lights.


Rosa – Black and pink layered razor cut flip-tip wig

This luxurious flip tip wig has a lovely eye length fringe, and a beautiful mixture of flicks and layers giving it a lovely bounce and lots of volume. It is a mixture of black and light pink highlights, which gives this wig the most amazing natural look with a twist of fun!


So we have chosen 5 fantastic wigs to complete your perfect Storm from Xmen costume. We hope you like them. If you need any more help then just let us know, as we’re always on hand to help.

WIN a Storm Xmen Wig…

Let us know what one of these perfect Storm Xmen wigs you need in your life by commenting below and one lucky person will win one of these gorgeous wig just in time for halloween (the winner will be announced Mid-October).

Thanks for reading. The Wonderland Wigs Team x



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