Weird And Wonderful! The Sony Smart Wig…

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The Innovative Sony Smart Wig has hit the headlines this week…

So have you heard about Sony’s Smart Wig? Well if not then don’t worry I’m going to fill you in on this not only fashionable but intelligent Wig. The Sony Smart Wig is the latest edition to ‘wearable gadgets’, it is believed that the Sony Smart Wig can be worn in addition to natural hair and will be able to process data and communicate with other external devices completely wirelessly. How clever is that!

Sony Smart Wig

The communication interface and sensors of the Sony Smart Wig are all built in and are covered by parts of the wig, this is done to ensure that they are hidden from sunlight during use.

This new technology is thought to become another very popular device. With its ability to collect data such as blood pressure, temperature and pulse to name a few it could be seen to help the healthcare sector by collecting all the data naturally and transferring it to a computer. As well as all that, it can help blind people by navigating roads and pavements as it is able to detect objects around the user by using ultra sound waves.

Smart Wig

This incredible technology may also include a video or sensor that could help provide the position and location of the wearer. A remote user can then use images provided and send vibration commands through the network to navigate the wig user manually to a desired location.

The Sony Smart Wig is set to rival the ‘Glass’ aka Google glasses. The Sony Smart Wig is thought to be made of one of the following: Human, horse, yak or buffalo hair or it could be wool or feathers. Yes we know very out there to say the least! However crazy this may sound the Sony Smart Wig is set to make a big impact in the ever growing Wearable gadgets industry.

Smart Wig

Another aspect of the wacky Sony Smart Wig is that it could be used in the gaming industry or any type of virtual reality appliance although Sony would not share any details on this. I’m going to leave you with one last piece of info about this up and coming wearable gadget. Have you ever wished of being able to give a presentation and move slides without a use of a button? Well now you can with the Sony Smart Wig! Believe it or not this device allows the wearer to move to the next presentation slide or back to the previous slide by simply raising his/her eyebrows. Who wouldn’t want a wig capable of that! 

Could this be the look of the Sony Smart Wig?

Sony Smart Wig

So what do you think of this invention? Is it crazy or just the future? 

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