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 Stunning Lace Front Wig

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Sleek, poker-straight layers which just skin the shoulder-blades and an expertly cut fringe define Infinity- a gorgeous, contemporary wig which looks salon-styled.

Infinity also features the latest in wig-cap construction, with a Monofilament parting that looks just like your own scalp and a lightweight Comfort Cap Base.

Lace front feature: The ready-to-wear, sheer, virtually invisible lace-front requires no extra cutting. Simply wear the wig, aligning the front of the lace front with your own hairline and style on or off the face, as required.
Shown in colour: Pecan Mist

Only in Petite Size

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Hothair Colours

Cappuccino Mist, Chocolate, Almond Mist, Dark Chocolate, Praline Mist, Pecan Mist, Coffee Mist, Wheat Mist, Nutmeg Mist, Honey Mist, Paprika Mist