Perfect Curls For Wedding Hair

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How To Achieve Perfect Curls For Wedding Hair

So are you wondering how to achieve Perfect Curls for wedding hair, well don’t you worry we are here to help you with that. We’re going to talk you through our curls in a box product. We love curls in a box and swear by them to be the just the thing you need for your wedding day.

Perfect Curls For Wedding Hair = Curls In A Box

Wonderland Wigs love Curls in a box so much, they are the perfect curls for wedding hair as you don’t have to worry about the curls dropping like natural hair does. This means perfect hair all day. These stunning human hair clip on curls give you an instant touch of glamour. They are simple to use and add the WOW factor to any hairstyle. This product is favored by brides as they can be clipped on and styled to your individual needs. Simply attach each super curly hairpiece using a bobby pin or kirby grip (not included but we do sell them) to achieve your desired look. The ‘curls in a box’ are made of 100% human hair. The pack includes¬†12 clip on curls in a classic spiral curl.

Perfect Curls For Wedding Hair


Top 5 reason every bride should use ‘curls in a box’…

  1. Made of 100% human hair
  2. Simple to attach
  3. They come in a range of colours
  4. Can be styled with heat if required
  5. Affordable price £19.99colours

Perfect Curls For Wedding Hair Ideas

A quick look at some curly hairstyles that we love that will look great on your wedding day.

Source: pinerly.com via Wonderland Wigs on Pinterest
















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