Pastel Hair

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Pastel Hair Has Got To Be The Must Have Trend Right Now…

So a few years ago unusual hair colors like greens, pinks, or blues automatically earned you the label of “freak” or “punk.” Now though, Pastel pink hair has made its way into the pages of “Vogue,” and celebs are wearing turquoise tips on the red carpet. The pastel hair trend has officially gone mainstream and top salons are jumping on the creative new trend.

We don’t know why people have changed their attitude about colored hair. but what we do know is that this trend has made us very very happy. This brilliant hair trend is a great way to express yourself and get creative with your hairstyles! What’s not to love? Plus, there are a variety of techniques and ways to wear this hair color trend, so it’s easy for any girl to try.

So here’s a few pastel hair styles we love….






Pastel Hair Doesn’t Always Have To Be Permanent!

We know that not everyone is ‘brave’ enough to go down the permanent pastel hair trend, or that it doesn’t suit everyone’s day job; So we have made it out mission to bring you amazing quick fixes that look fab in the pastel world. Here’s a few pieces that we think you will love.

Pastel Hair








Brave And Bold Pastel Hair

So, if you are brave enough to step in to the pastel hair world, then here goes… Why not try out our pastel coloured Directions hair dye? It’s fabulous and semi permanent conditioning hair colour that lasts between 4-12 washes. It contains no bleaching agents, so is therefore not suitable for colouring dark hair. However, you can pre lighten dark hair with a bleaching kit and then you will be able to join in the fun too!



What do you think of the pastel hair trend we’d love to hear?

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