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Morticia From The Addams Family

Morticia Wigs are now available at Wonderland Wigs. We all love the Addams family and one of our favorite characters created by Charles Addams is Morticia. This character is the ideal option for Halloween as it’s very spooky. Some people think that Morticia is a vampire. We have lots of wigs to create this creepy look so read on if you’re intrigued and want to find your perfect Morticia Wig.

I have personally put together our top 5 wigs perfect for the Halloween period. To complete your Morticia look these would be great and you will defiantly take home 1st Prize.

Our Top Morticia Wig Picks For Halloween!


When dressing up as Morticia this Halloween you should slip on our Rhiannon Wig this luxurious wig is extra-long and has a gorgeous super edgy and ultra-trendy straight cut fringe. This lovely jet black wig is the perfect option to complete your Morticia outfit this Halloween. With razor cut tips this wig is stunning with a high quality finish that looks truly natural. To complete your Morticia outfit just click here to purchase our Rhiannon Wig.

Morticia Wig


Our Zahiya wig is the perfect choice to complete your Morticia look this Halloween. This is another gorgeous extra-long layered Wig. With a stunning mixture of curls and waves this wig is full bodied and has lots of volume. With a lovely eye length fringe this wig is super edgy and will make you look beautiful this Halloween. If you want to take home 1st prize then you’re going to need our gorgeous Zahiya Wig you can purchase this here.

Morticia Addams Family


This is a beautiful option who those of you that want to complete the Morticia look with a more natural wig but still have a perfect match to Morticia’s style. This long black wig is shorter than the two previously mention but still has a fashionable and trendy straight cut fringe to give it that edgy and sophisticated look. To complete your Morticia look just click here and your Lara Wig will be on its way.

Addams Family Halloween


We love our Harriet Wig and believe it will be another gorgeous option to complete your Morticia outfit for this Halloween. This beautiful long jet black wig has a lovely centre parting. With a classic straight razor cut style this wig is perfect for a softer approach to dressing up for Halloween. This wig is a luxurious option for those who still want to dress up but at the same time want to look natural. To purchase your Harriet Wig all you have to do is click here.

Morticia Wig


This long get black wig has a gorgeous side sweep fringe that gives an overall softer look. This wig has a lot of long layers that have beautiful flicks, these long layers fall perfectly around the face which frame it and enhance and compliment your natural features. This jet black wig is another perfect choice to complete your Morticia costume so just click here and you will be on your way to winning first prize at any parties you’re going to attend.

Morticia Wigs

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