Kim Kardashian Ponytail

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Get the look: Kim Kardashian Ponytail…

American TV Star and socialite Kim Kardashian often wears her hair in a glamorous and familiar high sleek ponytail. It is a stunning, simple and classic look, the Kim Kadashian Ponytail looks effortless , but for those of us that wear our hair in ponytails, you’ll know that a stunning high ponytail like this can be very hard to achieve. Plus the high sleek ponytail relys on you having long hair, which of course we all don’t!

So, how can you get a Kim Kardashian Ponytail?

In one word – Cheat! It is simple, you can use a sleek clip in ponytail to do the job for you. The best ponytail hairpiece to help you achieve this glamorous look would be a wraparound ponytail hairpiece which attaches effortlessly to your own smaller ponytail and quickly adds length and glamour.

Sleek Wraparound Ponytail Hairpiece
Sleek Wraparound Ponytail Hairpiece

How do you fit a wraparound ponytail…

Kim Kardashian Ponytail
Follow these steps to achieve a Kim Kardashian Ponytail

It really is that simple, and these sleek wraparound ponytails only cost £24.99, and come in a range of six colours (including mixed colours for people with highlights or lowlights) as standard. If we don’t have your colour then email us (info@wonderlandwigs.com) and we may be able get it in especially for you at no extra cost.

Kim Kardashian Ponytail, done!


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