How to choose a fashionable wig style to suit you

Fashion Wigs…

Wigs are the latest hot fashion accessory.  Top celebrities have popularized the wearing of wigs and the freedom they can offer to quickly change and adapt your style.

Top celebrities in the media such as Katie Price and Lady Gaga have made long hair in strong colours desirable.  This has sent blonde and black wig sales soaring. Wigs are available in both human hair and synthetic materials and can be pre-styled and pre-coloured into a range of fashionable hair styles.

Why Wear Wigs?

Wigs provide the perfect way for you to get the hair style you have always wanted. You can get both long and short wigs in a wide range of different colours (from blond to black wig options), styles and hair types.  This is a quick and easy way for you to achieve the perfect hair style and you will also be able to switch hair colour in just a few moments if you fancy a complete change. Wigs are powerful fashion statements that can create impressive and memorable styles.

Choosing Wigs

Wigs can be expensive so it is important to think carefully about which styles and designs can best suit you.  If you are on a budget then synthetic wigs offer a more affordable option. They can be very realistic and are available in a wide range of styles and colours.  However if you want a long lasting and natural looking wig then it is worth spending a bit more on opting for a human hair wig.  There are a number of options when it comes to synthetic and human hair wigs:

  • Full wig or headpiece – if you want to add volume to your natural hair then a headpiece can be a more cost effective option than a full wig.  These are available in a wide range of shades and can also be coloured to match your individual tone.  Full wigs are best if you want to try a completely new colour or cover your natural hair.
  • Wig Colour – if you are choosing a full wig then you do need to consider which colours would suit you best.  Achieving a natural stylish look can be difficult if you wear a wig that does not compliment your face shape or skin tone.  For example black hair is currently very fashionable but a black wig can be too strong for many pale complexions. Look at your natural hair colour and skin tone.  If you have a ‘cool’ skin tone then dark browns, golden hues and light blond tones can be very complimentary.  Those with ‘warm’ skin tones will suit rich colours such as reds, chestnut browns and auburn.
  • Short or Long – wigs can be pre-cut and styled which makes it much easier for you to achieve the right look.  When choosing wig length you need to consider in what situations you will be wearing them and what suits your face shape.  Long wigs can be wonderful for special occasions but they are not very practical everyday if you have an active lifestyle.

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There are a wide range of different wigs available that can provide you with a quick and easy way to change your hair style.  You could opt for a long black wig for that essential fashionable celebrity style or a short brunette wig for practical daily wear.  The choice really is yours and as long as you compliment your skin tone and style you should be able to achieve a great new look with fashion wigs.

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