Halloween Hair With Colour Chalk


Create Perfect Halloween Hair With Colour Chalk

As any regular readers will know, we are obsessed with colour and what better way to achieve perfect wash in wash out colour than by using our colour chalk. We’ve have teamed up with hair chalk experts, Hair Flairs to bring you the very best hair chalk on the market. This hair chalk is also known as hair burn or colour rub. This is a fabulous way to add creative fashion colours to your hair instantly by simply just rubbing it on to your hair! I know amazing right, well what’s even more amazing is that it washes out just as easily as it goes on.

So with Halloween just around the corner, why not experiment and get perfect Halloween Hair with Colour Chalk. Let your hair be the life of the party by adding bold and daring shades to spice up any Halloween outfit. You can create stunning hair with this colour chalk from all over ‘out their colour’ to gentle slashes of colour. You can also be bang on trend by using our amazing hair chalk to create fantastic dip dye hair.

Halloween Hair With Colour Chalk Colour Options…

We love this hair chalk so much at Wonderland Wigs what’s more is that it is available in 13 fabulous shades allowing you to create gorgeous colourful locks.

Atomic Green

Halloween Hair With Colour Chalk



Electric Blue


Fire Cracker Red


Fuchsia Pink


Inferno Orange


Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver

gold and silver

Pyro Purple

pyro purple

Teal Flash Blue

blue teal

Ultra Violet Purple




Yellow Spark


Great Colour Combinations for dip dye Halloween hair

For naturally Blonde Hair we recommend the gorgeous Atomic Green

For naturally Brown Hair we recommend the stunning Fuchsia Pink

For naturally Black Hair we recommend the luxurious Teal Flash Blue

Hair chalk colour rub Application and Removal



Hair Flairs hair chalk is designed to be a fun temporary color, it is not permanent.

You should apply on finished styled hair. We recommend using leave-in conditioner on the hair prior to using Color Rub. The leave-in conditioner will act as a primer, will help seal the hair cuticle, and spread the Color Rub evenly. Apply the Color Rub directly on the hair. Massage into hair into a downward direction until evenly covered. Spray light mist of hair spray to seal the color in place.

Wear a towel or cape to protect clothing from color transfer. Do not use over carpeted areas. Wear protective gloves to avoid staining hands or manicure. Wash hands after use with soap and water.

Clothing or absorbent surfaces that come into contact might have transfer of color. We do not recommend wearing light colored or white clothing when applying the hair chalk.


Shampoo, rinse and repeat as needed. Bleached blonde, chemically processed, or high-lift colored hair may require 2-3 shampoos. If staining occurs in bleached or processed hair, it will fade in time with several shampoos.

So try out Wonderland Wigs fabulous hair chalk today to achieve that perfect Halloween hair. For all colours check out, our amazing hair chalks on our website. We hope you have a good Halloween love the Wonderland Wigs Team x x

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