We can now recreate your own hair colour and style, giving the look and feel of perfectly real hair. If you are a little more adventurous, you may want to change style and colour. Wonderland Hair Studio hope that through the help that we provide we can support and inspire you to have the hair you desire.

Our custom made hair systems will enable you to look great, feel good and lift your confidence. It is the ideal non-surgical solution to hair loss and looks natural beacause all of them are of the highest quality and designed to meet your needs.

To arrange your free consultation in our studio or a video consulatation
please call 07868449674 – Email info@wonderlandwigs.com

Hair Replacement Systems


Our hair systems have come a long way and developed so they can now be worn 24/7 for any activity such as swiminng and working out at the gym. They are a hairpiece of quality human hair worn to cover an area of baldness. These hair systems may be custom to your needs, achieving the perfect match to hair colour, density, and texture.

We will offer free private consultations to create a personal template unique to you, and then further consultaions for the process of fitting. Wonderland Hair Studio will work in collaboration with you to design the perfect look and your prefered style.

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