Festival Hair Made Easy

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Festival Hair Made Easy By Wonderland Wigs

Festival Hair Made Easy! We all love the simple life don’t we? Well at Wonderland Wigs we also like to go that extra mile and make things as simple as possible for our customers. So we want to make festival hair easy for you, we have been browsing the net, looking in glossy mags and keeping a beady eye on social media sites to bring you the very best and most current hot trends straight from the festivals. So we are going to bring you the top 10 looks that we love and think are worth a special mention in this blog.

From Pastel shades to Flower Crowns we are going to show you the trend then how to complete the trend with out products. How great is that!

Lets Get It Started…. Festival Hair Made Easy:

1. Pastel Shades

So you couldn’t have missed it! We all know that pastel shades are so hot right now. From pink to green we all know that these vibrant colours make us stand out from the crowd. Each shade is different and shows off your individual personality. We love this trend and we know it’s here to stay. So lets let you in on a secret, if your not quite brave enough to go ahead with the permanent style and just wish to have it for the festival season. Take a look at our pastel shades that we have on offer for you…


Festival Hair Made Easy











2. Big Hair 

Big hair is always going to be every girls dream. Well we can make it reality! I know what you’re thinking I’am at a festival and don’t have time or a hairdryer. Well don’t you worry that’s what Wonderland Wigs are hear for. If you’re having a bad hair day we are here to fix it. So look through our range of products that will give you ultra glam hair in minutes…






3. Queen Of Fringes 

We know, we know you don’t really have time to be messing around with your hair at festivals there are much more fun things to be doing! But guess what? We have come up with a fab, quick and easy product that will transform your hair in seconds.. Don’t believe us? Well try it out for yourself. The Wonderland Wigs Team swear by clip in fringes, take a look at our fantastic range now…



4. Flower Crown

We love love love the flower crown and yes we have seen it everywhere but you’ve got to love it. It’s that must have festival hairpiece that never gets old. So whatever festival you’re at slip on one of these and be sure to make a statement. With our flower crown you will be looking gorgeous…



5. Glitzy Accessories

We all love that little bit of sparkle to make your hair the little bit more glamorous. Well, the festival season is the ideal time to bring out your accessories and sparkle in the limelight. From crystals to pearls we have it all. So come browse our ‘Hair Jewellery and Hair Jewels now’. You will be the envy of all you’re friends…



6. The braided Trend

What better place than a festival to whack out those super trendy, super cool and super glam hair braids. From messy to super detailed, fishtail plaits are key to any stylish girl. So, rock you’re gorgeous fishtail plaits now and don’t forget we have a huge range of different colour fishtail plaits online. Come check them out…



7. Dip Dye Heaven

Dip Dye Hair has hit us with a bang and you would be crazy not to love this crazy but brilliant trend. It gives every girl that WOW factor and makes her stand out from the crowd. You can really get someones true personality from the colour they choose. We love being creative at Wonderland Wigs so Dip Dye hair is FANTASTIC…


Dip Dye Half Wig



Clip in dip dye extensions






Quad Weft Dip Dye Hair Extensions

8. Ombre Style

Ombre hair, well we do we start! This craze really took off last year, and now in 2013 everyone wants a bit of the Ombre trend and we are no different. We have recently been designing lots and lots of gorgeous Ombre hairpieces and accessories that we believe are absolutely fabulous and think our customers can’t live with out. So, stylish Ombre hair is perfect for the festival season. It’s sure to turn heads and all in the right way. So get shopping and create your perfect Ombre hair today…


9. Bold, Bright & Beautiful 

WOW! That’s what we think when we see people with brightly coloured hair. The festival season is all about bright, bold and beautiful colours. So let out your wild side and go mad for colour. You can choose from our colour dyes or our Wigs, it’s really up to you and whether you would like a temporary or more permanent transformation…










10.Effortless Updo

We all love those ultra glam up do’s and what better way to create them, then with our fabulous hair buns. We have so many colours available you’re bound to find one that suits you. We have braided, sleek and flicked buns, so depending what look you’re going for it’s all down to you. Take a peak and see what you will love wearing for those up and coming festivals…

Wonderland Wigs Hair Buns



So, there we have it our Festival Hair Made Easy. Thanks from The Wonderland Wigs Team xx

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