Essential Festival Guide for 2014

Wonderland Wigs Essential Festival Guide for 2014

So the festival season kicked of a couple of weeks ago with the infamous Coachella, and now we are getting crazy excited for all the UK festivals heading our way! We all know it’s so easy to forget essential pieces when heading off to party the weekend away. At Wonderland Wigs we want to take care of you and make sure you don’t forget a thing, so we have put together a list of 15 essentials that you  won’t want to be without this festi season.

Festival Essentials…


If you are one of those ‘prepared girls’ then we suggest going for beautiful tinted eyelashes, just head on down to your local beauty salon this will save you time once you’re at the festival and also save room in your make up bag 🙂 Win – Win. If you prepare something less permanent and costly, then browse our eyelashes range now for perfect glamorous lashes from glittery to purple we have it all. This is a far cheaper option and you also get to mix it up depending on your mood and of course importantly you can also coordinate your lashes with your outfit…



Hats are the perfect accessory to look chic but also be practical at the same time. Come rain or shine you will look incredible and be protected! I would recommend River Island for your perfect festival hat <3


Plaiting your hair is great for festivals as its out of the way, but looks ultra glam when teamed with the right outfit. If you’re not 100% confident on being able to plait your hair then we have two gorgeous choices that will help you create this look in an instant with no fuss.

Beauty Works Fishtail Plait


Wonderland Wigs Fishtail Plait


Paint Your Nails

Nails MAKE any outfit. With your nails looking ship shape in a gorgeous summery shade that compliments your outfit you’re sure to look great. New on the market are these super cute ‘Crayola’  varnishes. They come in a range of shades and are just too cute not to take =)

Dry Shampoo

So many of us take the plunge and don’t shower over the few days at the festival due to having too much fun and also because the showeres (lets face it) are a bit yuk!. So if you have no chance of hopping in the shower then dry shampoo is a life saver. We recommend Batiste this magnificent product is available at Batiste. Festivals are the reason dry shampoo was created <3

Face Wipes

Everyone needs these face wipes when hitting the festivals. So ladies make sure you double up at boots as there are quick and easy as well as being your only method of cleaning.

B.O. No No

A must, and I’m sure I don’t need to go in to details as to why. Take your deodorant!  We love the compressed cans as you can slip them into your bag. Also why not stock up on your fave Summery perfume, we absolutely love Chloe .

3-1 Nars – Magic multi-purpose stick

Nars 3 in 1 will make your eyes cheeks and lips glow. Be the envy of all your friends with this fantastic piece.

Pucker Up

Make sure you take you fave lip balm with you, it will save your lips come rain or shine, and is an absolute must have.  We recommend Vaseline.

Keep Your Cool

You never know you may just be the lucky one and have a scorcher of a weekend and in that case you should use definitely pack some cooling spray. These are fantastic for keeping you feeling fresh.

No More Germs

Make sure you take a handy little bottle of anti- bacteria gel. This is a great way of banishing bacteria <3


We have a huge choice of hairpieces available at Wonderland Wigs, come and take a look. Either straight, curly, flicked or wavy available in over 30 shades you’re sure to find your perfect piece. These are the perfect option for the festival season as they’re quick and easy to use as well as giving you gorgeous looking hair in an instant <3



Wigs are brilliant for the festival season they are your chance to slip on a vibrant or natural colour just for the weekend. We have a wide range of colours and styles at Wonderland Wigs. Make sure you come over and take a look. We also have a massive SALE on at the moment so come take a look.


Hair Chalk

This is a fantastic way of adding instant non permanent colour to your hair. All you have to do is rub the hair chalk colour on your hair. Available in 13 gorgeous shades.



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