Add A Splash Of Colour Or Try Dip Dye Hair With No Commitment


Getting dip dye hair has never been easier than with hair chalk colour rub!

Bold and bright colours are set to be big news this summer, whether it be adding a splash of colour, going the whole hogg or with dip dye hair, and now thanks to hair chalk colour rub it couldn’t be easier.

What is hair chalk?

It is basically exactly what it says Рit is chalk for the hair. You simply rub it on to styled hair and hey presto instant dip dye hair, thank you very much. At £9.49 for 4g pot which lasts for several uses it is a low cost alternative to dying. With the other major benefit being it is temporary Рit washes out after 1 or 2 washes.

Can hair chalk be used on dark hair?

Yes it can. You can use it whether you have light or dark hair although obviously the colour will vary. It will be brighter on light hair and more subtle on dark hair. It is simply a fantastic invention allowing you to add as much or as little colour to your hair, or to get creative and dip dye hair just for a night out.

What colours does it come in?

We have just introduced a range of 13 colours including pink, purple, orange, red, green, black, gold and lots of other lush colours. So if you fancy trying to mix it up with a few colours you can or if you just want straight forward pink dip dye hair that is simple too.

How to apply hair chalk

Is it easy to create dip dye hair?

In one word – YES. It has never been easier to create dip dye hair. Simply rub the colour on the the roots or tips depending on the look you are going for, and there you have it – Dip Dye hair!


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