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Looking For The Perfect Cruella Deville Wig?

Cruella is a popular fancy dress costume for Halloween, so I thought I’d write a quick blog post to give you some Cruella Deville wig inspiration. As ever, getting the hair right for a costume can make or break the look. So we’ve got a few pointers for you and a collection of our top picks.

Who Is Cruella Deville?

Cruella hit our TV screens in the 101 Dalmatians movies. In summary, she is a fashionista that is after the puppy’s fur to make coats (evil woman!). This well known villain is an on screen classic and is the perfect inspiration to create and awesome Halloween outfit and still look amazing at the same time.

One of our fabulous customers dressed up as the much loved villain and looked ultra glam at the same time. She opted for our Maddie wig to complete her look.

(Picture courtesy of Betty Pamper via Facebook)


Here’s A Couple More Wigs That We Think Are Perfect For Creating Your Cruella Deville Inspired Look…


This beautiful long grey wig is an amazing platinum silver grey shade which will be a fabulous alternate look for your Cruella Deville inspired Halloween costume. The neat straight look to this long grey wig combined with the fashionable fringe and gorgeous grey colour will give you a great ‘edge’ at any Halloween Party.



A gorgeous long white wig, Fifi has a trendy blunt cut fringe and is razor cut at the bottom to give it a natural finish, this will be sure to add the ‘edge’ that Cruella Deville portrays.



This beautiful grey bob wig has a lovely neat eye length fringe, and is an eye catching shade of silvery grey. A gorgeous short grey wig in a classic bob style, this grey bob wig oozes sophistication. This wig is a fabulous alternative to put a bit of class into your Cruella Deville inspired look this Halloween.



This stunning light blonde pinup style wig, will finish off your Cruella look perfectly. In a vintage style, this pinup wig is perfect for adding glamour to you Halloween character.


If you need more help or inspiration choosing the perfect wig for your outfit, then just let us know and we’ll happily help match the best Cruella Deville wig for your outfit, so you can step out in style this Halloween. xx

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