Coloured Wigs Are On Trend In 2013

Lacey - Brown wig with fringe

We love that coloured Wigs are on trend in 2013!

Coloured Wigs are on trend in 2013 and there is nothing better than an amazingly vibrant coloured Wig. We love all the bold fantastic ultra glam colours that are available to buy from us online. Coloured Wigs have taken on a whole new meaning ….

The colourful wig trend…

We want to introduce you to our stunning range of high quality brights, in a wide range of colours and styles. If its long or short you’re after then don’t you worry we have them in all different shades. Choose from blue, pink and white to mention a few.

Our wigs are favored by cosplay fans, our range of different coloured wigs are all designed by us and are made to the highest standards bringing you synthetic coloured wigs that look real and feel like human hair (but are more ethical!). So lets have a look at a few of our favorites….

Coloured Wigs Are On Trend In 2013

Bold in bright yellow – Spork

Star Hot Pink Long Wig

Neon Pink – Star

Tabby Long Pink Curly Wig

Pastel pink – Tabby

Wilde Bright Green Long Wig

Apple green – Wilde

Amber Short Orange Wig

Bright orange – Amber

FiFi Extra Long White Wig

Cool white – Fifi

Jade 3 Tone Black - Blue - Green

Tri-colour peackock blue – Jade

Kay Short Grey Bob Wig

Grey chic bob – Kay

Perry Bright Blue Long Wig

Bold bright blue – Perry

ReeRee 2 Tone Purple Bob Wig


Purple and black – ReeRee

Festival goers seem to be leading the trend, so if you’re heading to V Festival on the 17th August make sure you’ve got the look – click here for more info on V Festival . We hope we have filled your mind with colour inspiration and prepared you for those special last festival dates in your diary. Don’t forget to email us your pics as we would love to see. Lots of Love, The Wonderland Wigs Team xx

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