Clip-in Buns – The Perfect Hair Accessory For The Perfect Up-Do

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Clip-in Buns – The Perfect Hair Accessory For The Perfect Up-Do

Achieving the perfect ‘up-do’ can be tricky, whether it is the natural effect flick knot or a sleek Sarah Jessica Parker style top bun, it can be incredibly frustrating trying to achieve these looks.

With wedding season upon us and the Summer heating up, there is more focus on the up-do and in particular on this Summers most popular up-do – the Bun. Now, the perfect bun couldn’t be easier to achieve, ready in seconds rather than hours, a clip-in bun is the simple solution to hair-up dilemmas.

The bun is making a big comeback, no longer reserved for Granny, classic buns can give a sophisticated, chic look, with a modern twist. Gwen Stefani recently turned heads at the L.A.M.B Spring 2011 fashion show with her hair in a stunning braided bun. So it is no wonder that this Summer women are getting their bobby pins out and spending hours trying to perfect the look. This is where clip-in buns come in. Offering a simple and affordable solution, they are fast becoming the hottest hair accessory of 2011, giving instant and flawless results every time.

Available in a wide variety of styles and colours, a clip-in bun can be easily blended with real hair to give a flawless finish, and perfect, natural looking results. So you can cheat, and no one will ever know! Clip-in buns are also incredibly secure and easy to fit. They have hidden clips built in, which grip to your own hair. You simply put your hair in a loose knot, and then place the clip-in bun over the top, securing it in place with the grips.

In a recent survey conducted by Wonderland Wigs, research revealed that 74% of women take 3 or more attempts to create a bun when they are putting their own hair in to a bun. Samantha McClements (owner of Wonderland Wigs) says “We were absolutely shocked by these results! Women are wasting a lot of time struggling to achieve a perfect bun and by taking 3 or more attempts, it is clearly frustrating them.” “I think our new range of clip-in buns will definitely help relieve a lot of that frustration, whilst also giving women perfect results.”

Wonderland Wigs have just launched a new range of exclusively designed high quality clip-in buns, which look and feel like real hair. Currently the range includes sleek buns, braided buns and flicked buns all available to buy from their website www.wonderlandwigs.com .

Wedding hair stylist, Sarah Barton, says “Clip-in buns are amazing, they look so real and give fantastic results. One of my brides recently requested a large braided bun, but her hair was layered and wasn’t quite long enough. Normally this would make a braided bun near on impossible, so instead I used a clip-in bun and it perfectly achieved what she wanted from her wedding hair. Clip-in buns are going to have pride of place in my wedding hair tool-box from now on!”

To view the range of clip-in buns available from Wonderland Wigs click here.

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