Christmas Party Hair Styling Guide

This Christmas, you can have perfect hair in an instant. Use our clip in fringesclip in ponytailsfishtail plait, or clip in buns to transform your hair with minimal fuss.

Why waste time, fussing over your hair this party season? Leave your hair to us, and concentrate on the things you would rather be doing – whether it is relaxing for longer in the bath or spending more time on your makeup and nails.

This is our handy guide to perfect Christmas hair in an instant…

1. The top bun/hair bun, using our clip in hair bun.

Time needed to style hair: 3 – 5 mins. 



We have a range of clip in buns available in most hair colours, so firstly you’ll need to choose one that matches your hair colour. You can also choose from braided, flicked or sleek.

The clip in hair bun is incredibly easy to fit. You simply tie your own hair in to a small ponytail (or knot if you have longer hair). Then place the bun over the top, securing with the drawstrings, and hidden combs.

It really is that straight forward, this is a hairstyle in an instant

2. The fishtail plait, using our clip in fishtail plait.

Time needed to style hair: 3 – 5 mins.



A highly fashionable look this winter, the fishtail plait is a sure hit this party season, with celebs including Rihanna and Cheryl Cole being a fan of the look. Your fishtail plait needn’t take an army of celeb stylists though. You can have a perfectly finished and instant plait in under 5 minutes.

All you need to do is select a clip in fishtail plait which matches your hair colour from our range, simply tie your hair in to a small ponytail (or knot if you have longer hair). Tuck it in to the hidden pocked built in to the fishtail plait and secure the plait with the metal clip. Ta da… you will look instantly stunning and have gorgeous ready to go party hair!

3. Perfect ponytail, using our clip in ponytails.

Time needed to style hair: 3 – 5 mins.



If you have short hair, but want a longer up-look for Christmas, then this is a good solution. Simply select the correct colour ponytail from our website, and also choose the required style from straight or flicked. Then put your on hair in to a small ponytail. If you hair isn’t long enough to go in to a ponytail of its own, then simply scrape it in the right direction and use Kirby grips to secure.

Tuck your own mini ponytail in to the hidden pocket and secure the ponytail in place with the alligator clip. You should then have a perfect long ponytail in an instant!

4.      An instant fringe, using a clip in fringe.

Time needed to style hair: varies depending on required style


So you don’t have fringe, but fancy a change. Well it couldn’t be easier, simply select a clip in fringe in the colour of your own hair, and choose the style (side sweep or straight). Style your own hair as you want it – straight or curly would look great. Then simply clip the clip in fringe to your own hair using the hidden grips. You can pull your hair forward slightly to hide any join, or use a hair band if required.

So, there you have it, 4 gorgeous hair styles in an instant, perfect for this Christmas and New Year!

Sam x

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