How To Get Big Hair

Have You Ever Wondered How To Get Big Hair? Well you need wonder no more! The secret is out… use a 3/4 wig Half Wig Hairpiece aka a ‘hair booster’. A 3/4 Wig will give you INSTANT VOLUME AND LENGTH in seconds. They are also really really easy to fit and attach, and no one […]

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Devil Wig

Do you need some inspiration for your devil outfit this Halloween? With Halloween rapidly approaching, we are blogging costume and wig ideas each day to help you. Today’s theme is the ‘Devil Wig’. Remember all of our wigs are made of high quality synthetic fibre, they can be worn again and again, and what’s more, […]

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Wig for a fairy costume

Are you looking for a Wig for a Fairy costume? Here are some Fairy style wigs which we think you might like from the Wonderland Wigs range. All of our wigs are priced between £23.99 and £27.99, and are made with your comfort and fashion ego in mind! They are all high quality synthetic wigs, which look […]

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Poison Ivy Wig

Poison Ivy Wig … It’s the 2nd of October and we are counting down to Halloween with just 29 days to go, Halloween season is upon us. We are going to be blogging each day with a new Halloween Hair or Halloween Wig idea to help inspire you. Today’s Halloween Wig is The Posion Ivy […]

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Kim Kardashian Ponytail

Image courtesy of PR Photos Get the look: Kim Kardashian Ponytail… American TV Star and socialite Kim Kardashian often wears her hair in a glamorous and familiar high sleek ponytail. It is a stunning, simple and classic look, the Kim Kadashian Ponytail looks effortless , but for those of us that wear our hair in ponytails, you’ll […]

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Festival Hair and Festival Wigs 2012

Festival Wigs… The UK festival season is almost upon us, with the 1st few festivals of the year happening on the 1st June, followed by some of the big festivals including The Isle of Wight festival, T Festival in Sctoland, V Festival, The reading fesitval, and of course Glasonbury to name just a few! With […]

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