Cat Woman Wig

Fancy Dress Special: Cat Woman Wig

If you are looking for a Cat Woman Wig, then look no further, simply read on! Cat Woman is a popular fancy dress super villain, lots of our customers have dressed up as Cat Woman over the years, opting for a variety of hair colours, so we’ve put together a quick guide of our top picks for you.

The lovely Tracy Edwards looked gorgeous dressed up as Cat Women in our “Shelby” Wig. You can purchase these from online here.


Tracy Edwards in our Shelby Wig

Shelby is a really popular choice of wig for Cat Woman, with luscious curls and a deep rich black and purple colour, this is our top pick.

Last Halloween TOWIE star Lydia Bright, stepped out as Cat Woman in our ‘Sabrina’ Wig for the all star TOWIE Halloween party. Sabrina is another popular choice for ‘The Cat’, with a longer length, a slight wave and a deep rich colour. Here’s a pic of her rocking the look…


This pic is our ‘Ruth Wig’ being used for an alternative catwoman look. The blue and black wig, has been styled up, to create the look.


Who exactly is Cat Woman?

Also known and ‘The Cat’, Cat Woman is a super villain from the Batman comics and movies. Initially appearing Bat Man as a burglar and mysterious jewel thief, The Cat was later revealed to be an attractive feline like young lady! Wearing a theatrical cat inspired mask, she is well known for wearing a pvc or leather effect ‘catsuit’.


More Cat Woman Wigs…

Catwoman typically suits a dark red, black or purple wig. But some of our customers intepret the look differently. Here are some popular alternatives…

Blonde – Farah

This trendy extra long blonde straight wig is a truly stunning ladies wig, a good option for a lighter look.


Brown – Tor

Tor was created on request as a design idea by one of our customers who loved our Trisha Wig but wanted more red than brown. The result is a truly stunning deep rich shaded 2 tone wig which will make you the envy of all of your friends.


Black- Harriet

A classic straight black wig, this is a popular CatWoman choice.


Purple – Luna

Another popular catwoman wig, Luna is a mix of black and dark purple; creating a mystical, dark look.


Need More Help?

If you need any more help choosing a wig to match your Halloween costume then just let us know we are here to help or browse our full range of halloween wigs. We hope you have a fab Halloween from The Wonderland Wigs Team x x

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