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Wonderland Wigs At Halloween love being able to bring you fabulous products that will help you achieve the perfect hairstyle to complete your Halloween outfit. At Wonderland Wigs we believe your hair is a way of being creative and showing your personality. At Halloween it’s all about making a impact and what better way than statement hair!

I have personally put together a few of our key products that you will need to complete your sexy or even wacky hairstyle. We have it all from full wigs to hair dye. Wonderland Wigs At Halloween are all about bring you great hair so if you’re after a temporary fix it will be a wig you are after or if you don’t mind bringing out your wild side you can choose from our directions hair dye or our amazing hair flairs colour chalk that can be washed out with 2-3 shampoos.

Our Gorgeous Products


Zahiya is a gorgeous extra-long wig that is perfect to create the witchy effect this Halloween. We want to keep you looking extra glam whilst you’re dressed up for your spooky parties this year. By replacing old tat with this full volume silky smooth Wig you are sure to make a statement. This wig has a beautiful mixture of curls and waves giving an overall bouncy and full bodied look. Just to keep you looking extra edgy and super sexy this wig has an eye length fringe that maintains a super chic look whilst being bang on trend. Excuse the pun! This long black glossy wig is perfect for Halloween so just click here to purchase your dream wig.


Carly is a gorgeous shade of green perfect to create a sexy psychopath outfit for this Halloween. Yes you heard right a psychopath! Well we are all about making an impact at Wonderland Wigs and you are sure to do so in this wig. This gorgeous classic bob has a stunning side sweep eye length fringe that’s softens the look making it manageable to pull off for Halloween. Carly is the perfect wig for anyone who loves a bit of fun and wants to still look ultra-glam whilst being dressed up looking a little bit silly perhaps. To show off your fun side just click here.


Kate is a stunning straight wig and if you want to look ultra-glam this Halloween well look no further. She is a stunning long beautiful grey wig that is simple described as an amazing platinum silver shade. Perfect for completing lots of sexy Halloween outfit, for instance this wig could complete a beautiful storm outfit with its highly fashionable eye length fringe. This wig will make you look super sophisticated and right on trend, with a few scattered and discreet long layers that fall perfectly around the face that will compliment your natural features you will be the envy of everyone this Halloween.  All the girls will love to have your style. To be the one that shines this Halloween then just click here.


Sabrina is one of our classic Halloween must haves. As you may have seen the beautiful Lydia Bright chose this gorgeous dark red highly fashionable wig. This wig has a stunning eye length fringe for maximum effect and to create an ultra-sexy look. So if you’re dressing up as cat women or poison ivy and want to look sensational this Halloween then you’re going to need to buy this wig by clicking here. You can look super sexy by wearing this gorgeous deep glossy red wig this will certainly make you the envy of all your friends.


Directions is a fabulous invention that creates stunning shades this semi-permanent directions hair colour can be mixed with each other so you can be ultra-creative making unique new shades.


Start by using our fabulous Colour Protecting Shampoo which you can fine here.


Apply generously through your hair. Comb thought until it emulsifies i.e becomes frothy.

Processing time is between 15 and 30 minutes, a plastic cap will contain the heat on the hair helping to achieve a better result.


Rinse the hair thoroughly away from the face with warm water until all the residue dye has been removed.

Tip: If more than one colour is applied the hair must be washed and dried separately, greater care must be taken when partially colouring lighter hair.

My super picks to create hair perfection this Halloween.

Atlantic Blue Flame Bright RedSilverTurquoise


Hair Chalk

Hair chalk is the best product on the market to achieve a quick temporary colour change, that’s why we are really backing this product for Halloween. If your after gorgeous colours then this is your product. Hair chalk is also know to many of us as hair rub or colour rub this fantastic system is temporary colour that simply rubs onto your hair. With this gorgeous colour rub you will be the life and soul of the party by adding a little splash of colour to brighten up any Halloween costume. This temporary colour can be washed out in a instant. I have hand picked 4 fabulous shades that will be perfect for Halloween.

Fire Cracker Red – Atomic Green – White – Metallic Silver

Colour Rub

Hair Extension (10pcs streaks)

This gorgeous 10pcs hair extensions are ideal for Halloween time the are a quick fuss free method of adding instant colour and glamour to your Halloween outfit. If your after a bit of colour to really give your costume that extra wow factor then these are perfect. This 10pcs pack is another to add gorgeous highlights to the whole of your head. We sell them in green, red, blue, pink and purple. So if you wish you had these all you have to do is click here. By quoting “STREAKS” at the check out you will receive 10% off, just a little thank you from the Wonderland Wigs Team x

Hair Extensions Streaks

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