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Long_Layered_Flicked_Half_Wig_Hairpiece_Wonderland_Wigs_UKLong_Flicked_Half_Wig_Wonderland_Wigs_UKLong_Bright_Red_Half_Wig_Hairpiece_Wonderland_Wigs_UKFlicked_Half_Wig_Hairpiece_Wonderland_Wigs_UKFlicked_Half_Wig_Hairpiece_Wonderland_Wigs_UKLayered Flicked 3/4 Wig Half Wig Hairpiece (In A Range Of Colours)

Layered Flicked 3/4 Wig Half Wig Hairpiece (In A Range Of Colours)


“Stunning double volume layered  3/4 wig half wig”

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Product Description

This luxurious double volume layered 3/4 wig, is also known as a half wig, wig extension, or hair booster! This hairpiece is the perfect hair accessory for achieving easy and instant glamour. Full of stunning flicks and layers this is the ultimate double volume half wig.

3/4 wigs are every girls best friend – giving you ‘big hair’ in an instant. Popular with celebrities, including Victoria Beckham, Katie Price and Amy Childs, they give you instant volume and length.

The half wig hair booster has hidden flexi combs at the front and back which securly and comfortably hold the hairpiece in place and make fitting it simple.

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Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs

70cm / 28in


3/4 wig


This wig is made of 100% kanekalon. Kanekalon is a high quality synthetic hair, it is soft, silky and looks and feels like real hair.


Wonderland Wigs


This half wig has 2 hidden flexi combs stitched in the inside of the base, for easy and secure fitting. The combs are comfortable, undetectable and are suitable for any head size. For fitting instruct

BW Colours

Darkest Brown (Ebony) 1b, Lightest Blonde 613, Bohemian (dark blonde mix) 18/22, Chocolate (brown mix) 4/6, Caramel 6, Ombre (dip dyed) Brown/Caramel 4/27, Ginger (27s), Mid Brown – 12, Mixed Brown Blonde Highlights 8H12/24, Brown Auburn Mix 8H27, Dark Blonde Light Blonde Highlights 24H613, Light Blonde Dark Blonde Highlights 613T24, Bright Red, Dark Red 35, Blue