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I want to buy a hairpiece, half wig or extensions – please can you help me with a colour match?

Where is the full Wonderland Wigs colour chart?

Where is the full Beauty Works colour chart?









How much does postage cost, when will it arrive and is there an express option?

Can you gift wrap my item?

I need discreet packaging is this possible?









How do I wash my wig or half wig?

How do I maintain my wig? What shall I do if it goes frizzy?

Which wig style is best for my skin tone and face shape?

How do I choose which wig is best for me? I am not sure which wig colour to go for.

How do I put my full wig on?

How do you put on a half wig?

Can I style my wig?





How do I attach my clip in hairpiece?

How do you attach a clip in fringe?

How do I attach my clip in plait?

How do I attach my ponytail hairpiece?




















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